Learn more about Don Arbogast

Don was born into a family that went to church twice a year, on Christmas Eve and Easter Morning. He had some knowledge of God and the Bible. But, it was head knowledge, not heart knowledge!  As far back he can remember, he had a gnawing empty feeling in his heart and never really knew the cause.  When he was 40 years old, a traumatic event happened in his life.  God used that to open his heart to understand who He is and what He requires and what He did on the cross for sin.  Suddenly, the merely “entertaining Bible stories” came to life. He saw that he was a sinner, but God had sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for his sins.  He turned to Christ by faith, trusting him alone for salvation.  Don now says “That empty feeling in my heart has been filled Christ through the Holy Spirit!”  Don serves Rockport as one of our deacons.

We are blessed to have Deacon Arbogast as part of Rockport. Take some time and connect with him this coming Sunday.