Take time of bringing glory and honor to our risen Savior in music and song, followed by a message from Pastor Scott Lee.

Scripture Reference: Philemon vv 17-20

I. The Gospel has power to welcome the _______ home as a _________

As Christians we are partners (koinonos) in the ‘shared life of Christ’ (koinonia)
Based on that Paul appeals to Philemon to “receive his runaway home as if he was ____”
This is what Christ has done for us – 1 Pet 3:18 ; 2 Cor 5:21

  • He stood in our place to take our ____
  • So we might stand in His place and be __________ by God

In the same way, we must “welcome home” those who’ve sinned against us (Rm 15:7)

II. The Gospel gives us the assurance that every ______ has been paid

Theologically, Paul is taking on the role of ________ Whatever sin there is, whatever he owes, ___________________

Col 2:13-14 , 3:13

  • This is the doctrine of the imputation of Christ’s _______
  • This is the guarantee of the ____________ of sins Heb 10:10-14

Application: Just as our debts have been fully paid by Christ, we must count our brother’s debt as ____________ in Christ Mt 6:14-15 ; 18:23-35

III. The Gospel restores and ___________ believers in fellowship
(1) Our obedience in forgiveness __________ the reputation of God’s kingdom
(2) Our obedience in forgiveness __________ the hearts of others