Together let’s sing the Word and then hear a message from the Word by Pastor Scott Lee. Scripture Reference Ezra 9:1-15 Sermon Notes: I. Our sin is exposed when we pay attention to ____________ vv1-2 What is this specific list? Dt 7:1-4 The word opens our eyes to sin Rm 7:7 ; Jer 23:29 What is their specific sin? • Not racism “Race” = zera = ______ or offspring • The issue is the compromise of their _______ by intermarriage 2 Cor 6:14-15 What is the “holy seed”? • God promised Adam salvation through the _____ of the woman • God promised Abraham his ______ would bring a blessing This is why God commanded Israel to remain ___________ (holy) II. When sin is tolerated among God’s people, we should ________ vv3-6 Appalled = • Sin among God’s people dishonors _____ Rm 2:23-24 • Ezra is joined by others with tender ________ v4 ; Isa 66:2 III. We __________ our sin to God as we turn and seek His mercy vv5-15 Ezra identifies himself with his people in their sin…and prays (Like Jesus Heb 4:15) (1) We acknowledge the ______ and guilt of our sin vv6-7 Prov 14:34 ; Jer 6:15 (2) We remember God’s great _______ vv8-9 Ezra preaches the ________ to himself! (3) We remember the ___________ of God’s Word vv10-14 The threat of the _____ (Rm 2:5); The promise of the _________ (Rm 2:4) (4) We cast ourselves on God for His promised _______ v15