If you abide in me, and my words abide in you,
ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you
John 15:7

Word and Prayer! Nothing could be more essential to the Christian’s daily life. Yet in the midst of our busy schedules, few things are so easy to neglect. It sounds too simple! But it is oh so vital! The Christian thrives upon the word and prayer. The Bible feeds us (1 Tim 4:6), waters us (Eph 5:26), nourishes us like babes feeding on milk (1 Pet 2:2). It is key to our growth in grace (or ‘sanctification’ John 17:17). Prayer is our vital link to God by which we speak to Him (Ps 6:9), ask of Him (Mt 7:7), make our requests to Him (Php 4:6), find our refuge in Him (Ps 18:1), etc. Together Word and Prayer are like eating and breathing for the Christian. By the word we feed upon His truth. Through prayer we breathe out our requests. And the more what we breathe out is the same truth we have fed upon, the more confidence we gain that God hears and will respond for our good. Dear Friend, for the sake of your soul, never let a day go by that is not strengthened and sweetened by time in God’s word and prayer.

I have learned to keep my time in God’s Word and prayer as simple as possible, that way I’m less likely to neglect it. I have a little notebook I use to keep track of what I’ve read. I read a chapter each from the New Testament, Old Testament and Psalms each day. I don’t hurry to “conquer” the passages. I read slowly, praying along as I go. I ask the Lord to show me what I need to know about Him, about myself and about His world so I can be better equipped to pray. And then I pray based on what God’s Word has shown. I pray for my family, for the world and for you. My goal in this is know God better and learn to respond to Him more faithfully as He reveals Himself in His word. And then, when that private time with God is done, I look forward to those larger times when I get to share God’s word and times of prayer with others, like you.

May God increase our love for Him and one another thru Word & Prayer!

Pastor S. Scott Lee