Together let’s sing the Word and then hear a message from the Word by Pastor Scott Lee. Scripture Reference Ezra 7:11-28.

Sermon Notes:

The focus of this passage is on God’s “steadfast love” v28 (Hebrew word – HESED) I. If our eyes are open, we will see God’s faithfulness in His works of ____________ vv11-26 (The King’s Letter) (1) Ezra is given ______________ to return to Jerusalem v13 . . . to deal with a spiritual slump (2) The __________ of Ezra’s Mission v14 (3) A generous ____________ for the mission vv15-24 (4) Authorization to lead the nation by the ___________ of God’s Word v25-26 • We notice a very high view of Scripture (v11,12,18,23,25,26) • It is “the word/wisdom of God in your _______” v14,25 Dt 4:5-9 ; Ps 119:98-101 II. We should praise God when we see Him at work according to His Sovereign ___________ v27 • His praise is focused, not on the King, but on the God who moves the ________ of the King Prov 21:1 • To “beautify” is a word of _____________ significance Salvation makes us ____________ in God’s eyes Ps 149:4 ; Eph 5:25-27 III. We should be encouraged by the _______________ of God’s love v28 • Steadfast Love = HESED • It operates in the OT as grace does in the NT Eph 2:8-9 You can trace the promise of God’s HESED through the OT • Abraham, Moses (Dt 7:9), David, Solomon • God removed His hand but never forsook His HESED Isa 54:10 ; Jer 33:11 • Micah 7:18-20 ; Ps 13:5, 85:7, 98:3, 119:41 God’s HESED gives us courage (faith)