Grace Bible Conference 2022
April 8-10

The love of Christ for his church is the anchor that holds in the midst of the brokenness of this world. And it is in knowing the depths of this love through faith in the Gospel that Christians find security and strength to love others as Christ has so powerfully loved us.

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Don Currin of Don Currin Ministries and HeartCry Missionary Society
Jason Arens, Lead Pastor, The Journey South County
Geoff Kirkland, Pastor, Christ Fellowship in Saint Louis


Friday, April 8
5:00 PM Supper
6:00 PM Geoff Kirkland “The Love of Christ Displayed in the Crosswork of Christ” Isa 53:4-6
7:30 PM Don Currin “The Experiential Love of God in Suffering” Rm 5:1-8

Saturday, April 9
2:00 PM Don Currin “The Inseparability of God’s Love” Rm 8:31-39
3:30 PM Jason Arens “The Love of Christ in Our Justification” Rm 5:1-11
5:00 PM Supper
6:00 PM Hymn Sing
6:30 PM Don Currin “The Love of God in Revival and Spiritual Awakening” Ephesians 3:14–19

Sunday, April 10
9:30 AM Don Currin “Whom the Lord Loves” Hebrews 12:5-11
10:40 AM Don Currin “Keeping in the Love of God” – Jude 17 -21

GBC is FREE but everyone planning to attend is asked to register so enough food is prepared.  Food will be provided Friday and Saturday night at 5 PM.

Register for Free