Given the present concern for the spread of the corona virus, we (the elders) thought it would be good to remind you of the following precautions in an attempt to keep everyone safe. Here are six things to keep in mind as you prepare for church next Sunday:

1. Don’t panic. (God is sovereign over viruses too)
2. Wash your hands regularly. (That just makes sense)
3. Stay home if you are sick and watch the service on live stream*. (Out of love for your neighbor).
4. Stay home if you are at risk physically and can’t take the chance on being exposed*. (That’s just wisdom)
5. For now, don’t shake hands or, if you do, use plenty of hand sanitizer! (But fist bumps are cool, though!)
6. We’re taking special cleaning precautions in children’s areas, including limiting and disinfecting toys, wiping down surfaces, etc

*While it’s always best to be in fellowship with the church in person when at all possible, there are times when watching by live stream makes sense. If you think you might be sick or at risk, that may be your best option for now until this present concern has ended. The elders are keeping up with the news and giving prayerful thought to the best way to protect our congregation and guests. We’ll keep you updated if the situation calls for additional precautions.

In His grace,

Pastor Scott