Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
Matthew 11:29

Over the years, I’ve read a lot of books. Some just for fun, others for an education, and still others just to glean a little information. I’ve read novels and biographies, theologies and anthologies. And of course, I’ve read the Bible, the Book above all books, God’s Holy Word (which everyone should read daily).

But after the Bible, there have been a handful of good books that God has used in a profound way in my life. Among those I would include Knowing God by J I Packer, The Pleasures of God by John Piper and The Weight of Glory by C S Lewis. All these (and others I could name) are precious to me and have been used by God to help direct my heart into a deeper knowledge of Him.

Recently, I added a new title to this precious list. Dane Ortland’s “Gentle and Lowly” has become a rich source of deep refreshment to my soul since I first read it in June (and again this past month). It’s subtitle reveals what it’s about: “The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers.” Here is rich gospel medicine, able to point the weary soul back to the loving heart of Jesus. I simply can’t recommend this book strongly enough as something God will use to bring comfort, refreshing, conviction and joy to the believer who takes time to read it. If you want to know how deep and practical the love of Jesus is for His people, I recommend this book. I found myself laughing, rejoicing, weeping and praising God for Christ as He is seen here through the lens of Scripture. So I encourage you to get a copy. Read it devotionally. Then meditate on the rich, biblical picture of Christ in His love it will help you find.

We have copies available on our church book table at cost.

Seeking the Joy of Christ’s Love dwelling richly in your soul!

Pastor Scott