Is Jesus Who He claims to be, or is He not?
That’s the big question we’ll be looking at this Sunday in John 5:30-40.  If He’s not, then none of this really matters – the Bible, the church, belief in God,  none of it would matter? If Christ is not who He claims to be, I can simply walk away and forget Him!
But if He IS who He claims to be, then nothing could matter more than knowing and obeying Him! Because Who He claims to be is the Son of God, my only Savior and my final judge! So everything depends on knowing the answer to this crucial question!  Is Jesus Who He claims to be or is He not?   That’s the question John will begin to answer for us this Sunday in John 5:30-40
So how can you get yourself and your family ready to hear God’s word this Sunday?  Might I suggest the following?
(1) Read John 20:30-40 several times this weekend and think about what Jesus is saying here.
(2)  Ask yourself (or your children)  the following questions:
– Who does Jesus claim to be? (Look back at v 18-22)
– How can we know whether what he tells us about himself is true or not?  Is there any evidence that what He says is true?
– Who are some of the witnesses Jesus mentions that can help us confirm that He really is Who He claims to be?
– What is the point of reading Scripture?  What do “get” from the Bible as we read it?
– How should we respond to what we learn about Jesus in the Bible?
These are some ways you can take an active part in preparing your own mind and heart (and the hearts of your children) to better hear and understand God’s Word.
I look forward to seeing you then!