God is our refuge and strength, a very present hlp in trouble.
Therefore we will not far though the earth gives way . . .
The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.
Psalm 46:1-2a, 7

So here we were hoping 2021 might just be a kinder, gentler year than 2020 turned out to be! And though that may yet prove to be true, it doesn’t appear that way based on these opening days. For now at least, the turmoil in Washington and the ongoing division surrounding the virus continue to dominate the news cycle. And it just seems like that’s what everyone is talking about no matter where you turn. It’s a national obsession!

But let me remind you why it cannot be our obsession as God’s people who gather in His Name! Though certainly we are impacted by such things, our lives cannot be controlled by them and our minds must not be taken up with them (Remember Col 3:1-2!). Why? Because we have better, more important things to “obsess about” than speculation about what the new administration might do and what that means for the direction of the nation. And it’s not because such things are unimportant. They are important! But they are not ultimate! And they cannot hold a candle to the beauty and power of God that is at work to change the world in the Gospel of Christ (Rm 1:16).

Administrations come and go! Nations rise and fall! Pandemics rage then disappear! But Christ alone stands forever! (Heb 13:8) His word remains unchanged! (Lk 21:33) His Kingdom will never fail! (2 Pet 1:11) For that reason, our pledge to you as we enter this new year is that we are committed to keeping the Gospel of Jesus at the center of our conversation and worship every time we come together! That is what your soul needs! That is what your children need! That is the one thing that gives us hope in a broken world!

Looking forward to gathering each week to set our minds on Christ!
Pastor Scott