Hello Dear Church,
One of the things that weighs on my heart right now is finding ways for us to stay in community with one another during the shutdown that is underway with Covid-19.  As difficult as it is to be in community in normal times with our busy schedules and the way we are scattered around the St Louis area, it’s going to be even more difficult now with the requirements of social distancing.  That means we will all have to be intentional about finding ways to stay connected, to encourage and to reach out to one another on a regular basis.   Social media tools help, as does the fact that we are able to livestream our worship service. But I think you’ll agree these are not enough. And the longer this thing lasts, the more apparent that will be!
So with that in mind, the elders will be looking for ways to help maintain community and fellowship during this time of social distance.  This will include things we do, but also things we encourage you to do. And it will be a learning process for all of us.   None of us have ever been in this situation before. So let’s think and pray through this together.
Here are some things I hope to do to help us continue to walk with one another through this in Christ.
  • Beginning this Wednesday at 7 PM, I will host a Zoom prayer meeting that all will be free to join.  I will send out the link to it tomorrow.  Those who wish to participate will be able to use that link to sign in.   I hope to hold this prayer meeting weekly.
  • From time to time, I’d like to host Zoom fellowship discussions. And actually, one of our members is way ahead of me on this.  She hosted one Sunday for “after church fellowship” after the livestream. I told her that was a wonderful idea and hope to see it continue.
  • I would be glad to set up a Zoom, or FB, or phone meeting with any one of you during this time.  Normally, the elders and I meet with people regularly seeking counsel or prayer on a face to face basis. During this time of social distancing, we will hold most of these via one of these types of media.  (If you don’t know how to do these things, we can show you!)
  • I’m working on a way to hold a video D-Group just in case this time of distancing runs into months, not just weeks as some are predicting.
Things I’d like to encourage:
  • I’d love to see different ones of you host Zoom, etc meetings with one another for encouragement and prayer.  You don’t need an elder or anyone’s permission.  Just a desire to encourage a brother or sister in Christ.
  • I’d like to encourage you to continue texting, calling, zooming, facebooking, etc one another for encouragement and fellowship
  • I want to encourage you ton stay in touch with those who are most isolated and in need.  Call them.  Offer to help them. send cards, etc.
Let’s find ways to stay in touch and lift each other up.
Today in a Facebook Video, I encouraged people to read (or listen to) Psalm 27.  If you’re looking for a place to start for encouragement, that would be a great place!
Love you all.  Keep in touch.  Keep your eyes on Jesus. And, oh yes, “wash your hands!”
Pastor Scott