“These things have been written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.”
John 20:21

The goal of John’s Gospel is to introduce us to Jesus so that we see him for who he is and begin to follow him as disciples. And one of the primary ways John helps us do that is by letting us see Jesus through the eyes of those who first encountered him. We saw this last time in the case of the three men who begin to follow him in vv 35-42. First there is Andrew and an unnamed disciple in v 35 and then Andrew’s brother Simon Peter in v 41. All these men are invited to “come and see” Jesus for themselves! And when they do see him, they find that their lives can never be the same.

That same theme of “coming and seeing” Jesus continues this week as we move on to John 1:43-51. Here, Jesus recruits two more disciples, Philip and Nathanael. Some aspects of this “next day” story overlap with what we saw last time as these men are also challenged to “come and see” Jesus and end up “following Him.” But what is different in today’s story is the way Jesus begins to show them where following him will lead! The life he is calling them to will bring “greater things” (v 50) – more than they can imagine! Soon they will see that he is the fulfilment of every Old Testament promise. He is the object of every prophetic longing. He is the only One who can bring them to God! For it is only in following Him – sticking close to Him – that they will find what they’re hearts have been longing for! That and much, much more!

And here’s what’s really great! We get to see it all through their eyes! And as we ‘see it,’ it is my prayer that you will discover how these promises are not meant for them alone, but for us as well. When he says “Follow me” he means you and me! And when he promises to show “even greater things.” He’s talking to us as surely as he was to them! May God give us eyes to see!

Praying you will truly ‘see Jesus’ in His Word!

Pastor Scott