From the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.
Mark 10:6

This morning, with Easter and our conference behind us, we return to our short series about “Life Matters” where we’ve been looking at the big questions people are asking today concerning life and death, marriage and gender, personal identity and the value of each human being. So far we’ve seen that “Every Little Life Matters” from the baby in the womb, to the old and infirm. Since each one is made in the image of God, each one has value and deserves to be treated with dignity, love and respect. Each life matter! We’ve also seen that “Gender Matters.” God made each of us to be male or female. You are one or the other. Your gender is God’s gift to you to be embraced and lived in for his glory. Gender is not fluid. It can’t be changed or reshaped, and it is not loving to encourage people to attempt to do so. Instead, we must help each person see themselves as God has made them and learn to live for His glory! Your highest good is to live by faith in obedience to God as the person He created you to be.

This morning we will continue thinking biblically about the issue of gender as we consider what it means to be a man or a woman made in the image of God! They are not the same. Men and women have equal value, but they also have different roles in relation to one another. So we’ll see that gender is not irrelevant for how you live your life. Men are called to glorify God as men, women glorify Him as women, and each must serve the other. But to know who you are, it matters which you are! And part of living for the glory of God is learning how to live as a man or a woman according to God’s gracious design.

That’s what we hope to see this morning. But it’s difficult in world like ours that is so deeply lost in moral confusion that it can no longer tell the difference between a man or a woman; a boy or a girl. So Lord willing, we will lay the groundwork for a biblical understanding of this basic human distinction.

Seeking to Glorify Him in All We Do with All We Are!

Pastor Scott Lee