“Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Romans 5:1

If you are in Christ by faith, you have received a truly wonderful gift. Though you were once at war against God, as all sinners are, you have now been given the precious gift of peace with God! Now, think of that! You who were once God’s enemies, according to Romans 5:10, are now His friends! No, you are more than that! You are His sons or daughters through faith, as John 1:12 says. His grace has forgiven your sins and seated you at his table to enjoy His fellowship and love forever! That, more than anything else, is the amazing gift of peace Christmas brings to those who trust in Christ!

That’s what Paul means when he says that we have “peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” He’s not just talking about “feelings of peace” as wonderful as those are. He’s talking about a real, objective status of peace that has been granted to us through faith in the death and resurrection of Christ. Because of what Christ has done, we who are trusting in Him have received the gift of a new standing with God. We have received the blessing of His gracious and eternal peace! That’s much more than just a feeling. That’s something real and objective we can count on!

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not discounting the subjective feelings of peace that are also part of the Christian life. We get to experience those as well. The apostle even talks about that kind of “felt” peace in Philippians 4:7 when he speaks of the “peace of God that surpasses all understanding.” That is a peace we can feel. And it is truly wonderful. But before we can feel the “peace of God” we must first receive this gift of “peace with God” by coming and placing our trust in the finished work of Jesus. Are you resting in Him by faith this morning? Have you received this precious gift of peace with God?

May you know and rejoice in the reality of His peace!

Pastor Scott