“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness,
on them has light shone.”
Isaiah 9:2

The coming of Christ into this world has changed everything for those who believe in Him! And, of course, that’s what we’re here to celebrate this morning. Really it’s what we celebrate every Sunday – or at least it should be. But there is something special about gathering this close to the day we call Christmas. For some, it might only be a matter of tradition and the fond memory of Christmases gone by. For others it’s the anticipation of getting together with family and friends to exchange gifts and share a meal. But for us who belong to Christ by faith, it is truly a cause for joy as we stop and consider His Coming together!

Most years on the Sunday before Christmas, I will stop whatever series we’re in to preach on a more traditional Christmas passage or theme. I can think of many good reasons for doing this (and it’s probably what we will do next year). But this year, the Lord’s providence has brought us to a passage in our study of John that is so very rich in the kinds of biblical themes we usually associate with Christmas, that I thought we should continue with it. John 12:37-43 reminds us of the richness and depth of Christ’s glory that is displayed, not only in the New Testament, but also – through prophets like Isaiah – in the Old Testament as well. Here we will see that Christ is not just a Person found in the New Testament. He is truly the theme and focus of the Old Testament Scriptures as well. And He is truly glorious! I can’t wait to share this passage with you this morning!

I hope you will join us for our fellowship meal today, following this morning’s worship, and for our Rockport Christmas Celebration at 2 PM. Then, please join us on Christmas Eve at 5 PM for our Candlelight service.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Let us Adore Him!

Pastor Scott Lee