“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship,
to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”
Acts 2:42

You are probably aware that there is a congregational meeting today after our morning worship and fellowship meal. The goal of this meeting will be largely informational. Our elders and building teams will be sharing our vision for how we believe the Lord is leading us to provide much needed space for our congregation to gather for worship and service to Christ. To be honest, this vision is pretty big. It is something we will need to pray about and seek the Lord for as we discern together what He is leading us to do. That is one reason you will NOT be asked to make any kind of final decision today on whether we build or how we hope to see the Lord provide the funds to build. That day of decision will come in a few weeks. But today we want to share the vision with you and call you to join us in prayer as we seek God’s clear guidance.

With that goal of seeking the Lord’s will for our church in mind, we will also be taking a short break from our study of Galatians in February (I know, we just started! And this “break” is coming in an awkward place in the text!). While the verse-by-verse exposition of Scripture is central to our vision for how the church should normally grow in grace, there are times when a series of messages on an important topic are needed. Beginning February 4th, we will spend four weeks looking at who we are called to be as a church and why it matters. This series will focus on our core mission and biblical values as a church seeking to be faithful to Christ, as well as how we must grow together in the grace God supplies and welcome other families and individuals into our fellowship. So please pray with me as we seek to be faithful to uphold God’s word in this series. Then, Lord willing, we will pick back up with our study of Galatians in March. Let’s pray together that the Lord will lead us step by step.

Seeking His will for Our Good and His Glory!

Pastor Scott