A Word from Pastor Scott
Sunday, March 31, 2019

“From the beginning of creation,
God made them male and female…”
Mark 10:6

PARENTAL ADVISORY! Caution, this morning’s message may cause some uncomfortable conversations with your children! But then, that’s a good thing! There are many conversations you wish you didn’t have to have with your kids and yet, you know you must. That’s especially true today with the deep brokenness that has taken hold of our society. So, while my father never needed to explain to me why there are men who dress like women and insist on using the ladies’ restroom, we live in a world where such conversations need to happen. Or perhaps more to the point, we live in a culture where such things actually make sense to people. Not too long ago I read of a girls’ swim team who were afraid to use a New York swimming pool changing area because of the man who insisted on using it too. They were told that he had to be allowed to be there because using the men’s rooms made him feel uncomfortable. Never mind how his presence made the girls feel! They were told it would be bigoted not to accept this man’s presence, since he identifies as a woman. Yes that’s crazy, but that’s our world today. But here’s the thing we have to understand. This is not ultimately a bathroom issue or a privacy issue. It is a moral and worldview issue. For many today, it is no longer objective truth that matters, but their inner, subjective feelings. The body may be male, but if the “inner heart” feels female, that’s what should be affirmed.

So how is a Christian supposed to respond to such cultural insanity? How are we to maintain the truth while at the same time demonstrating love for the broken – including those who are broken in their view and feelings about gender. What’s what we hope to look at this morning. Please pray that I can make this message clear as I ought, and that Christ’s love will be seen.

May the Lord help us speak the truth in love!

Pastor Scott