A Word from Pastor Scott
Sunday May 26, 2019

I don’t know how it is for you, but for me, it always feels odd when I miss a week of gathering with you, my Rockport church family, for worship. Now don’t get me wrong – I know it’s not really about you (or me or any of us who gather here), it’s about the Lord. And yet there is a wonderful dynamic that takes place when God’s people gather in Christ’s name to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. I think that’s what I love about you. Even though we are far from perfect as a church (with just as many hang-ups, weaknesses and needs as any group of saints, or maybe more!), nevertheless I know as we gather each week we have come together with a desire to honor and adore and hear from Christ! And whenever God’s people, broken as they are, gather in sincere obedience to hear from and adore Him, good things are going to happen. I believe that! That’s why I love to gather with you each week.

So here I sit on a Friday afternoon, fresh off of a busy trip home to visit family and friends in Arkansas and Texas (and to catch a Cardinals Game and do a little sight seeing while we were at it!). I’m glad we were able to get away. But I’m also glad to get back! I’m glad that in God’s gracious providence I get to come back to you, a church that I truly love. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to hear the Word faithfully preached by one of our elders. I’m grateful to know that the worship that has been planned will focus on Christ, not man. And I’m glad to know that Christ will keep his promise to be present among us by means of His Word and the worship that is focused on Him as we celebrate His Supper and put our hope in Him!

I guess what I am saying is that there is a blessing to be had in the gathered church. Here, we experience again the mediated presence of Jesus, not because we “feel something” but because He is faithful to be present where is word is preached and his people gather to honor His Name.

Grateful for the blessing of the gathered church!

Pastor Scott Lee