You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.
So glorify God in your body
1 Corinthians 6:19b-20

So here is the question we need to deal with this morning. It’s a question every person must ultimately answer:  “Who owns your body?” You see, how you answer that question will determine, to a great extent, how you live your life. How you answer that question will demonstrate either, that you are a Christian who thinks and acts biblically, or that your thinking (and therefore your life) has been shaped instead by the mind-set of this fallen world.

What do I mean? One of the big lies our secular age has built its rebellion against God upon is the lie that says, “My body, my choice.” My body to do with as I please, to dispose of as I wish, to misuse as I choose! You hear it proclaimed loudly at abortion rallies, but it’s also the rallying cry at heart of all our rebellion against God. My body my choice, to do with as I please sexually, to present as male or female based on how I feel, to abuse myself with drugs or to end when I’m tired of living. Whatever it is, it’s “My body, my choice”

Now, if that sounds like a good thing to you, you should probably think hard about what these words actually assume! They assume, first, that there is no God who is there to exert a prior claim upon my body, no God who made me and therefore owns my life. And it assumes that I will never be held accountable for what I do in this body because, after all, there is not God to hold me accountable! I’m on my own. There is no authority higher than me.

But what if those things simply are not true. What if there is a God before whom we must stand and to whom we must one day give an answer for how we have lived our lives in these bodies? (1 Cor 5:10). What if that God has spoken clearly in His Word to tell us clearly how we must live? This morning we’ll consider some specific examples of what it means to glorify God in our bodies.

Seeking a life that is lived to the fullest, for the glory of God!

Pastor Scott Lee