“From the beginning of creation God made them male and female.”
Mark 10:6

It’s hard for me to conceive how this simple statement of Jesus from Mark 10 could be considered controversial today, but in many places it would be. And it’s not just the assertion that “God made” man to begin with, though that is something that would be disputed by atheists. But perhaps even more so today, the assertion that God’s design for the people He made is that we would be “male and female” – two genders. Not three, not four. Not fifty-one as Facebook once claimed. But two. Male and Female. The gender binary.

This morning’s message will focus on what the Bible says about “The Beauty of the Binary” and how it relates to God’s calling on our lives to live for his glory as men and women made in His image. Specifically, I want to focus on is why the Bible’s teaching about the gender binary matters, why it is indeed “beautiful,” and why and how we must teach it to our children.

With that in mind, and since there is more to consider here than I will ever cover in one sermon, let me suggest some additional resources that you might find helpful.

First, two books.

Gender Ideology by Sharon James (available on the book table) and

Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcy (available in the library).

Then three articles from the internet.

“What Does the Bible Say About Transgenderism” by Kevin DeYoung;

“How to Talk to Your Kids About Transgender Ideology” by Paula Rinehart

“Transformation of a Transgender Teen” by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra.

In all things, we must seek Him!

Pastor Scott