The LORD says to my Lord:
“Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.”
Psalm 110:1

I hope you have found our current study in the Psalms to be beneficial. I know I’ve said it many times, but I really do want to encourage you to live in the Psalms daily. It is a rare day, indeed, that I do not read, pray or meditate on at least some portion of a Psalm in my daily devotions. And I am certain that my life is better because of it. God meets me in this book!

It is with that in mind that the elders have decided to continue our study of the Psalms until at least the end of November. There is just so much here for us to see and enjoy! It really is like a great mountain range where every hill we climb and every valley we enter is filled with greater and more beautiful treasures for us to investigate. I hope you are finding the same thing.

So far in this study we have looked at Psa 1 and Psa 49 (Both Wisdom psalms); Psa 22 (Lament); Psa 32 (Thanksgiving); Psa 58 (Imprecatory); Psa 84 (Praise); Psa 107 (A song of God’s HESED); and Psa 121 (Faith/Confidence). Still ahead, if our plan holds, we will explore Psa 42-43, 23, 8, 19, 50, 24, 139, 85, 51 and a few others. Each of them is a jewel. Each has the power to help us draw near to God with praise, repentance, contrition, confidence, hope, trust, etc. Oh, don’t rob yourself of the wealth God has hidden for you in this mountain of the Psalms! So as you read these Psalms day by day, which are your favorites? Is there a particular Psalm you are hoping we might cover in this series? If so, please let me know. I can’t promise we’ll get to it, but I will certainly put it on our list of potential Psalms for future study.

This morning, we’ll be looking at Psalm 110, which in many ways is unique among the Psalms. It is a royal Psalm, which means it has to do with the king and his commission to reign over God’s people (and there are several of that type in the Psalms). But what is unique about this Psalm is that it is also very much a prophesy, not about David as King, but about “David’s Lord” who is Christ the King! Quoted in the New Testament more than any other passage, this is a Psalm about Christ and His ascension to the throne of the universe from which He reigns and saves and will one day return as judge of all the earth!

May God give us eyes to see Christ in the Psalms.

Pastor Scott