Hey, Where is Everybody?

Good morning! If you’re reading this just before the worship service begins, you’ve probably noticed attendance looks a little thin. So where is everybody? Don’t worry, there hasn’t been an outbreak of bubonic plague (that I know of!) or a zombie apocalypse. Instead, many in our church family, along with several of our friends from Heritage of Grace Church in Illinois, are taking part in our Eleventh Annual “Rockport Family Camp” at Bate’s Creek Camp near Potosi, MO. We’ve been there since Thursday enjoying fellowship with each other, playing games, participating in tournaments, sharing meals and getting together for times of worship and teaching from God’s Word.

Though I wish all of you could join us, I know that’s not possible. So we’re glad that those who couldn’t come and you who are visiting are able to gather here at Rockport. I’m thankful, as well, that Bro Erik Bird was available to bring God’s word to you here, and so am confident you are being well served.

As mentioned before, our theme for this year’s Camp has been “One-Anothering for the Glory of God.” We’ve been considering how God calls and equips us to “Serve One Another in Love” (Aaron Sutton’s message); “Bear with One Another” (Warren Kesselring); “Bear One Another’s Burdens” (Ryan Hunsaker); “Love One Another by Watching Ourselves” (Jason Woelm); “Outdo One Another in Love and Good Deeds” (Geoff Ingrum); and “Encourage One Another” (Scott Lee). All these messages should be available online later this week on our website or at www.SermonAudio.com/rockportbaptist.

Lord willing, we’ll be back together next Sunday, ready to share our stories of the good things God has done, praise Him for His faithfulness and hear the life-changing truth of His Word as we return to our study of John’s Gospel in John 11. Until then, I pray God will be your help and hope as you trust in Him.

Looking forward to gathering in His Name next week!

Pastor Scott Lee